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Did You Dream Yet?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Dreams are often enchanting when they are a part of a good night's sleep. But when they become a part of someone's eyes wide awake, they transform themselves into passion, goals, desires, or aspirations.

In a world where everyone follows the path of doers or believers, people often find themselves struggling to get that initial push to turn their dreams into reality.

But, they fail to understand that whether they are a doer by nature or have a character trait of being a believer unless they dream, there won't be an ounce of change in you as a person or a professional.

For instance, you would lead yourself to the same mindset, similar financial terms, or luxuries of life that you were already living in the past. In other words, they would end up living the same monotonous life that lacks spark.


It all starts with a "Dream"


Whether you believe it or not, it's the dream or desire to do or have something that makes a whole lot of difference. It could be anything. Some people dream of becoming a better version of themselves, some dream of changing the ongoing trends to make the world a better place, while some dream of making an impact on society.

It's like a dream is a seed that has the potential to grow and become a desirable product of everyone in the way they need. For some, it could be a shade, and for others, it could be a place to consume delicious fruits.

But, we are not going to talk about the outcome here.

The real query is:

How to Start Dreaming?


"When you know what you desire, reaching the destination becomes far more clear" 


Here the desire is to give yourself permission to dream. Once you start doing that, you will automatically allow yourself to accomplish those dreams. Why? Because you will make sure to use every way possible to turn your dream into a reality.

That's human nature once they realize what they want, they work hard to make it achievable.

But one must have the realization that dreams don't come true overnight. It will take your sweet time, efforts, patience, to finally make it real.

As rightly said,


"If you want to reach the stars, you will have to work smartly to get it" 


Again, I will focus on the fact; the end result is never in your hands. Instead, it's the starting point and the journey to reach the end that matters. And here, your starting point is getting accustomed to the fact that creating a dream for yourself is the only way to get going.

So, let me ask you a million-dollar question now:

Did you dream yet?

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1 Comment

Good one. Liked the content and pictures too.

If we have to attribute a colour to "dream", what could be your pick?

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