COVID-19 is hitting us all. From plummeting economies to disrupting the healthcare ecosystem, nothing is immune to its impact. As if that was not enough, it has forced millions of organizations to work from home. Although the trend is not new, but not equipped with the right too could potentially hamper your operations.

Whether you need a whiteboard to pump ideas or a project manager to track the progress, the right tools will help you swiftly shift from office to at-home work environment without losing any productivity. Here are the top tools that will help employees work from home efficiently.

Communication Tools

Since you are working remotely, the probability of confusion becomes higher than usual. Thus, it is vital to keep up with smooth communication. Quite evidently, communication tools have a higher success rate than emails, especially to send across ideas, feedback, or any queries.

The internet is filled with a wide variety of communication tools such as Slack, Skype, and Trello. Let me briefly detail one of the best communication tools used by millions of businesses for smooth work processes.

Slack- A Unified Platform to Put Your Team Together

It is an online workplace that will help you communicate easily across different teams. The basic version of the tool is free. And if you opt for a standard version, it will cost you around $7 per month. It is a one-stop solution to exchanging files, brainstorming ideas between teams, and automating tasks.

The advantage of using this portal is that you can manage different groups, such as designing, development, and marketing teams on tabs. You can track the communications anywhere.

Plus, you can integrate the app with Google Drive, Trello, Time Doctor to manage both the deadlines and productivity.

Video Conferencing Tools

When human interactions are limited to chats and phone calls, using a tool that will enable you to have a face-to-face interaction often helps. That's how video chats come into the limelight. Isn't it more comfortable to cross-check details of a project over a 10-minute video call?

Without a doubt, video interactions are way better than explaining a project via email or telephonic conversations. That's what makes video chat apps one the best communication tools for smooth work progress. We can find several free tools such as Google Hangouts or Skype. Let's talk about one of the popular choices of today.

Zoom- A Video Conferencing Software For Real-Time Discussions

It is a web-based video conferencing tool that will help you host webinars and real-time project discussions while sharing images simultaneously. You will get the basic version for free. However, if you are trying to include this in your business plan, the pro version would cost you around $14.99 per month.

The advantage of using this particular tool is that one can quickly learn its features. Plus, it offers multiple screen sharing too. Additionally, you can record your calls and integrate several other tools such as Google, Facebook, and Workplace to make the communications better and fruitful.

Collaboration Tools

These are equivalent to virtual whiteboards that you have at your workplace. You can use these tools as a post-it or notify your clients and teams about your deadlines or "to-do" list all in one place. There are many collaboration tools available nowadays, such as GoogleDocs and Trello.

Trello- Track Your Progress

It is a type of collaboration tool that's accessible from phones and desktops. The layout is pretty, and you can organize your workflow and assign tasks by just tagging them in the comments. You can even create boards for different teams and track their progress without missing out on any vital direction.

This tool allows you to attach your work, thanks to its power-up integrations with Google Drive, Slack, and Dropbox.

But, if you are a designer, the tools must help you collaborate with your designs effectively. Here are a few examples that you can look for.

Shutterstock Collections- Brainstorm Ideas Within no Time

Finding the right images for a design project is challenging and time-consuming. You might feel short of ideas since you are working remotely. Using this tool will help you add stock images in a folder and share them with your team in just one click.

And if your team has access to a Shutterstock account, you can ask them for help by finding the right images for the project to get on with the designing part as soon as possible.

InVision- A Design Collaboration App

Presumably, this is one of the finest design software that helps remote teams stay in sync. This tool will facilitate design meetings, track every feedback generated. You can also use this tool in real-time to include different team members in the designing process.

InVision Freehand offers the designers to plan, design, and present their craft to every team member, including clients.

Zeplin- A Tool Curated For Both Designers, Developers, and Product Managers

It is a platform that will help designers and developers to be on the same page. The designers can upload their designs on the software, and teams can work together to finalize the details to send it through for production.

It will initiate seamless collaboration without causing any confusion for other teams to deliver a project on time. The tool also integrates Slack, Photoshop to make things easier for every member.

Project Management Tools

If you are working from home, this tool becomes the critical point to achieve higher success rates. Such tools are a great accessory to plan your tasks and execute them correctly. Remember, your hard work would end up looking like trash if you don't deliver projects on time.

So, for that, you can use Trello, Asana, ClickUps, or ProofHub as your project management tool.

ProofHub- One-stop Solution to All Your Project Demands

It is a project management tool trusted by thousands of teams working remotely. It offers the users to plan, collaborate, communicate, and deliver every project on time. The company offers you a 14-day trial period while you can get the essential services for $45 per month.

The software provides chat options to share feedback, along with time tracking. Furthermore, it will allow you to track the milestones and proofread every work online. You can integrate the app with third-party tools as well.

Final Thoughts

As the world is under lockdown, meetings, conferences, brainstorming, and project collaborations rely on online tools and software. So, everyone must use the right tools to complete their deadlines on time while improving their overall productivity. Did we miss out on a valuable tool that might help?

Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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