Why is Motherhood Turning Out to be a Nightmare More Than a Blessing?

Updated: Jan 20

We often associate motherhood with feelings of bliss, love, happiness, care, and compassion. Isn't it? But if you try to unravel a mother's life, there is more to it besides the smiles and giggles.

While the statement definitely would have rolled some eyes. But I am sure all the mothers would understand what I am trying to say here.


What's All The Hype With Motherhood Being Messy and Chaotic?

In layman's terms, it's the mental weight of doing everything perfectly that makes a mother worry constantly. Well! I am not talking about making dinners or breakfasts. It's more about making everyone happy and being constantly worried about their needs and aspirations that you forget about yourself.

In other words, the endless list of small tasks alone drains all the energy.

Still, many of us end up asking,

"What could possibly go wrong?"

After all, it's all daily chores that a woman has been doing all her life. Isn't it?

I am not even talking about postpartum depression or anxiety here. It's the occasional daymares, euphoric highs that cross my mind due to incredibly dark thoughts. It's mostly the tag that "women ought to be perfect" that makes motherhood daunting.

Well, it might sound like, "what a failing mother!" After all, for everyone, it's such a blessing that keeps the race growing and progressing. No wonder why mothers are treated like a God.

But did you know that's the root cause of all the problems women face when entering motherhood?

Let's take an example of a recent viral post where a mother was doing the daily chores even though she had an oxygen mask. Was it projecting love, or was it showing the true face of humankind? No matter how she feels from inside, a woman has to stay relevant to the image that's cast inside others for centuries. What is that?

She is the epitome of sacrifice.

Honestly, no woman wants this, precisely why many women are choosing not to have kids. But the idea of dealing with the thought of "perfectionism around mothering" makes them even more fearful of this choice.

So, tell me,

Has society made you question yourself even once:


If yes, please share your experiences with us?

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